Greenbox dictionary of Saudi Arabian artists

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Zahra Bu Ali (1953) is an allround artist from Alhasa with Canadian training. She lives in Dammam. She is both a printmaker and painter as well as a sculptor and ceramist. She has made an artist's book as well. And she teaches, lectures. And writes. And if you look at it all, it has a poetic quality and one of the night. And it is polite. And mature. So she is good. And like more Saudi artists she is a member of the Bahrain arts society. On their site her long record, since 1988, of participating in exhibitions around the Middle East, in Canada and in the United States can be read. And images can be seen of her work. They are also on a website of women online around te world. On a site of worldprintmakers the information is most recent. About her solo exhibition of 59 works in Bahrain in 2008 and her continued studies of the technique of etching. Perhaps her work is at its best when the human face disappears into a vision of a larger tale.


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