Tahani Al-Briki is a single female artist from Jeddah who's art arises from questions and materials, she writes on internet, which may be the most simple and genuine statement a visual artist can make. And there is something more, when she leaves behind for us to find her insight: 'impulsive in the world of beauty is a component of irreversible humanity.' That is a short sentence loaded with meaning. Al-Briki uses many web tools to communicate her presence in this world like flickr, facebook and youtube and she has made many thousands of connections. It seems to mirror her approach of the arts that does not exclude materials which others might ignore. I have never in my life seen chocolate paintings and I am not sure whether they are just chocolate coloured or actually smell and taste like the real thing. The 'colours of chocolate' are of 'passion and love,' is what she writes after expressing her 'strength to expose the dark vision of coffee.' Coffee on canvas is how portraits of Arabian noblemen and their birds are made and the paint includes the use of beans. The chocolate series speaks more of a woman's inner world. The poetry of Mecca and the harsh trade of Mocha lie not far away, is what came to a European mind. There is brigher colour too in a series of acrylic paintings some of which show decorated veils, but also a mixed range of dreamlike and real scenes: the canals of Venice. There is also sculpture: Alive after abduction, robbery(October 28, 2010).

Changed the images to better represent 'work of different types of material, thought and history' by the artist, who found that when she always repeats her favourite song, she will survive and wrote 'I'm trying to develop effective thinking.' (November 1, 2010).



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From top to bottom: Voice of Silence, Chocolate on canvas, Untitled, acrylic, King Faisal, coffee on canvas. Tahani Al-Briki.