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Tagreed Al-Bagshi (1975) from Ahsa holds a BA in science and education and is a supervisor in the education of girls. She knows how to handle paint and learned to do so in painting classes given in Damman, Qatif and Syria. As a painter she has steadily been building a body of work, that shows she got to know the classics of modern art, which fit very well Saudi concepts that there is not much gain in trying to depict nature-true with paint. It is the modern abstaction which accepts gracefully our own failure at creation and makes the best of it. So at least could be a vision of art. A very frank Al-Bagshi shares with us however her first efforts of 2001 in her on-line gallery, which indicate she moved from a romantic sea shore vision to the inner thoughts of humans, often ruled by the moon; in form not unlike those caught in stone by Modigliani. It is in 2007 that suddenly again the sun appears and her paintings flow with colour. Then too, all figurative efforts sometimes dissolve as they did in two painted boards. It looks like the artist can now handle with wise ease anything that may sweep ashore in the Persian Gulf. 

Tagreed Al-Bagshi has had solo exhibitions in both Riyadh and Jeddah and has joined numerous exhibitions abroad to show and promote Arab culture.  


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From top to bottom: acrylic and mixed media in different sizes from 2005, unknown and 2007.