Greenbox dictionary of Saudi Arabian artists

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Saeed Salem (1984) was born and raised in Jeddah, a place where Saudi's walk the sky sometimes. Salem is a photographer and has shown his art on both Flickr and deviantART using the name saeedesign. He has worked for Balfaqih Visual Communication Consultants and as art director for Promoaction DDB. In 2009 Salem established his own studio for which he now works as a commercial photographer and image retoucher. 181 Degrees' portfolio, as shown on it's website, includes photography for a number of well known firms, among which one notices shoemaker Puma, a company ready to look for and find independent creativity. Unilever and local importer of Japanese cars: Abdul Latif Jameel, have also worked with 181 Degrees. One wonders about the name. Is it 180 degrees reality and 1 degree the brush of Salem, or is it exactly the other way round? Never mind. Even within reality the salespeople at Daihatsu know that you can load a truck with only green melons or with all the stuff you collect in a lifetime. That truck needs a roof, I believe is the message. (27 May 2010).


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From top to bottom: images by 181 Degrees.