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Raeda Ashour (1958) is a member of the women's Saudiaat Art Group in Jeddah. Before returning to Saudi Arabia in 1991 she lived in Cairo where she worked in publishing. She has a BA in Middle East Studies from the American University of Cairo (1981). Having been a freelance artist for many years she joined workshops 'Geometry and pattern, adornment in islamic art' in 2006 and 2007 at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts in London. In 2007 she received a MA in arts education at Rushmore University.

Ashour's artwork is "paper embossing" which is "giving the relief effect on the surface of paper," she writes on her website. Her method 'involves various techniques. The paper is embossed by hand to emphasize the arabic and islamic motifs in the composition." She uses "soft pastel colours and dye-transfer which gives the collage effect. I also use gold and silver inks. I am fascinated by my cultural heritage whether it is
folk art motifs or islamic designs."


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From top to bottom: paper embossing.