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Mohammed Kamel (1989) used to sign his graffiti as 'Lion heart' by drawing a lion and a heart. The courage to do unusual things, is what is name stood for, but he didn't really need a name. His friends would recognize him for the quality of his work. An artist should convey a message, is what he told Saudi Gazette on winning a prize in 2009 at an organized event of 250 graffiti enthousiasts. Colour sprays only, is how Kamel defines graffiti even though he suggests a historical line back to hieroglyphics. His winning work was a window for an elderly man coming from the past to see - or should it be understand - the changes of his time.   

July 6, 2009:
Graffiti event a huge success.
July 12, 2009:
Saudi graffiti artist wins first prize of S.R. 15,000 by Mohammed Al-Kinani.

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