Greenbox dictionary of Saudi Arabian artists

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Lina Gazzaz, who was raised in the holy city of Makkah, was a creative consultant in advertising, who ventured on defining a new style of Islamic art by painting it herself. To show loyalty and admiration for the prophet Muhammad, this is what she aims for in her paintings of his mosque in Madinah. They were exhibited in Jeddah's International Fine Arts Hall in 2008. Gazzaz is said have made them with 'broad strokes of love and reverence.' Apart from this important mosque and other buildings she paints portraits and figures and even adventured into painting a reclining female 'kind of' nude, which, for the lack of feet or a full head, would fit nicely in any program the Louvre might have to show Michaelangelo's Slaves in a warm Arabian bed.       

November 24, 2008:
Broad strokes of love an reverence by Mohammad Mazhar Siddiqi.

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From top to bottom: painting said to be by Lina Gazzaz .