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Khaled Al-Faisal is a painter of the romantic style who seems to enjoy his art as a pastime. As the emir of Makkah he will realise that creation painted the birds infinitively better than his abilities allow him, but as a prince he knows that the discovery of flight was only achieved by drawing birds and observing the structure of their wings. Al-Faisal's importance for the arts of Saudi Arabia lies not in his art - his simple landscapes are the best - but in his unmitigated support for other artists during his long tenure as governor of the Aseer region. Al-Faisal has established a painting relationship with a British prince who cherishes the traditional arts. Considering the mindset of his court at Abha a comparison with Italian princes of the Renaissance seems to do Al-Faisal better justice.
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From top to bottom: landscape, birds with the artist and king Faisal, the artist's father, on horseback.