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Jamal Al Kebasi (1950) is a calligrapher of rank who lives in Al Jubail and has many people on facebook who submit to the quality of his work. Kebasi shares on the web an album of his art and many pictures of himself at international exhibitions of the art of calligraphy. As a researcher he wrote The Creative Design in the Kufi Calligraphy. That the artist thinks such a scientific endeavour is of the highest rank, one may conclude from the second illustration here. It has architectural qualities. The first illustration I find, not being able to read the Arabic, to look more as an organic creation. 

Kebasi was professionally trained in the fine art of calligraphy in Baghdad (diploma 1974) and has been a student of Hashim Mohammad Al Baghdadi and Sadig Al Dori. (15 June 2010)


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From top to bottom: Read in the name of your Lord who created,The highest rank is the rank of science.