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Fahd Al-Khalif (1972) is a most generous of painters dealing with mostly the figurative world with all insights of Parisien abstraction from Cezanne to Matisse. And in this you can't help noticing how often he uses light blue, actually seems to adore the colour or to find it necessary. Al-Khalif is a true colorist not just painting the world but laying a reef of paintings over Jeddah as if he regrets that coral and fishes were left to the sea and below its surface and birds to the sky. As a master of art education and head of such education in north Jeddah his proficiency in handling oils and perhaps acrylic paint should be judged self evident, but surprising is how many paintings he shows in his presentation on facebook. They number hundreds and with consistency of vision and of life, sometimes changing the subject to calligraphy or horses. Occasionally Al-Khalif explores a nave realism or his usual abstract style with more subdued colours. Some of his works appear to be wallpaintings by themselves or to have been assembled with square canvasses brought together to match. All these are styles and themes not unusual in the country, but Al-Khalif easily convinces as being master of any caravan.

Al-Khalif mentiones many exhibitions in Jeddah and many in countries in Europe representing his country. 
Out of hundreds of his paintings I selected a few special images, which perhaps don't give an idea of his most frequent themes and style, but which celebrate the diversity and richness of Jeddah life as a result of its position as port to Makkah. (November 4, 2010). 


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