Greenbox dictionary of Saudi Arabian artists

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Bob Landry was the Life Magazine photographer responsible for the photograph of King Abdul Aziz (Ibn Saud) on the cover of the May 31, 1942 edition of Life, and probaby also for the photo used for the cover drawing of the March 5, 1945 edition of Time by Ernest Hamlin Baker. The image archive of Life which is hosted by Google at the link sourced below may be searched for his name to find that in 1942 he must have travelled by motorcar from the 'Persian' Gulf to Riyadh and from there to Jeddah and Mecca. His pictures are many of the palace architecture of Riyadh, the King's garage and mechanics, a welcoming well, a severed head on display of a man executed for robbing pilgrims, irrigation works, camel caravans, prince Faisal's tent at Arafat, pilgrims in Jedda etc.


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From top to bottom: A pilgrim and his wife, Ibn Saud.