Greenbox dictionary of Saudi Arabian artists

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Ayman Yossri Daydban is a Palestinian with a Jordanian passport who has lived most of his life in Jeddah. He has nothing to sell or decorate walls with in his studio. Instead he weeps in front of classic Arab movies in black and white from the 1940's and 1950's and he is said to do so nearly every night. So it was written for the Edge of Arabia event and illustrated with wooden tissue boxes on which the artist printed brightly coloured posters from these movies. To complete the emotional charge, the word for tissue in Arabic, Maharem, also stands for family. 'Family in a pan-arabic' sense or 'family' in a broader concept? The Greenbox Museum acquired a special edition of the work in wonder of the Elysian colours. The artist was chosen by Christie's for their April 2009 auction in Dubai and achieved the best result of all works by Saudi artists then on sale. (2009).


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From top to bottom: detail of nr. 2 of a special edition print of Maharem and as sold at Christie's .