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Abdullah Hammas (Abha, 1953) was a prepschool art teacher for 31 years after graduating from the Riyadh Institute of Arts in 1973. He is one of seven artists supported by the Al Mansouria Foundation and is credited by them to be among the first painters to have pushed the limits of traditional and decorative painting and to have embarked on an abstract quest to link colours and materials to his homeland.

The square paintings he mostly makes are colourful and sometimes adapted to the venture where they are sold. In Riyadh they are mature and serious in nature and do not venture beyond abstract forms. In Al-Khobar he is on show in the Arab Heritage Gallery with a slightly later birthdate (1955) and with brighter colours, clearer lines and human forms. There too are for sale his Abha panels which are vertical columns measuring 30x245 cm that contain 8 small but very bright paintings.  

Hammas has had many personal exhibitions in galleries in KSA and has also ventured out to Paris and Rabat. His paintings have found their way to public collections in the Middle East, Europe and the U.S.A.


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