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Abdullah Al-Ogaili is a professional photographer who's work was selected for the Al Mohtaraf publication Young Saudi Lenses (2011). A large and colorful image of Al Salam Park in Riyadh and a smaller still life of four traditional pots both celebrated the decorative side of human life. A similar observation when studying work the artist has posted on Flickr. Finding beauty in everyday spaces, such as in a hospital operation room, is an art not many people master. Al-Ogaili does however. Add a slight touch of color to your life and the artist might come  and take your portrait. He has won at least one prize abroad with his portrait photography and shows a number of serious portraits of shaikhs and business leaders online. The portrait that we enjoyed the most was that of a man and a collection of parrots. (AH, 8 May 2013).


Young Saudi Lenses (2011) by Kameel Hawa.
Flickr: Abdullah Al-Ogaili

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From top to bottom:  Obaid Hospital, Dewani parrots.